About me

I am a curious and passionate writer exploring the content writing world!

I believe in the magic of words and the long-lasting impact they have on our brains.

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My name is Jhanvi, and I am a freelance content writer.

I help businesses build authority and trust with content.

To me, writing is the best way to express and inform. It helps in conveying the right message.

Jhanviwrites is my personal blog where I share my learning and experience on content writing, digital marketing, freelancing and life in general. All the topics are systematically categorized, and you will have no issues navigating them.

Apart from freelance writing, I love sharing my learning and experience with new writers through free consultation calls and free zoom sessions (subscribe to my newsletter, and you will receive notifications straight to the inbox).

So if you are a beginner and want a little guidance on- how to get started, feel free to contact me!

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