Do you write every day? Or are planning to write daily?

If so, read this.

When you start writing every day, it is difficult.

You face internal resistance.

This resistance is something you need to beat every day.

Every single day when you think of writing,

Internal resistance stands up against you.

You have to face it.

You have to beat it.

And start writing.

Once you start writing, this resistance decreases. But it will be there.

You will have to put efforts, extra efforts.

With each passing day, the resistance reduces, and so does the need to put efforts.

On the first day, you faced a hundred percent resistance.
You had to put a hundred and one percent efforts to beat it.

On the second day, you will face ninety-nine percent resistance.
You will have to put a hundred percent efforts to beat it.

And the same will continue.

Remember, you will never have a day with zero percent resistance.

The resistance initially is in the form of uncomfortableness,

With regular writing, it will take the form of victory.

It will never vanish.

But with time, you will observe that you will not have to put efforts to beat it.

Your mind will overcome it on autopilot mode.

Because in that course of time, discipline will train your mind.

And discipline is one amazing friend.

It takes time to become your friend.

It takes a longer time to become your best friend.

But, once it becomes your best friend, it will bless your life with success.

And you will never regret the efforts you put in to make discipline your best friend.

Your efforts will be rewarded.

Stay assured.

Life always rewards efforts.

All you need to do is, put in efforts every single day.

Write every single day.

Convince discipline, and try making it your friend.

And you, my friend, will see great results in your life.

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